Water Rate Schedule

Effective  July 1,2016 Residential will be on a monthly basis

Silver Heights Water and Sanitation District Rates

Service Fees

  • $30 Requested Turn off Fee per occurrence
  • $30 First Offense Shut Off Fee
  • $50 Second Offense Shut Off Fee
  • $100 Shut-Off Fee (starting with 3rd offense) per occurrence
  • $6 Readiness-to-Serve for Water per month
  • $5 Readiness-to-Serve for Sewer per month
  • $25 Late Payment Charge per month until all past due amounts are paid or for Residential accounts an annual percentage rate of 16%or for Commercial accounts a monthly percentage rate of 5% (whichever is the greater charge).
  • $20 Returned Check Charge per occurrence
  • $5 Copy of Rules and Regulations
  • $20 Annual Inspection of Backflow Preventers
  • $25 Account Transfer Fee
  • $7000 Fine for each unapproved water or sewer tap
  • $50 Annual Cost of Building Fire Sprinkler Tap (paid at end of year)